Our Concept

Ecobox Andino arises under a concept of sustainability, respect for the environment and under this premise, in a first stage, four mountain refuges inserted in a Ñirres forest were built, with an innovative design, which respects the native vegetation, built on the basis of to enabled and thermally insulated containers, which are connected to each other through walkways and raised terraces that reduce the impact on the native flora.
Valuing from the smallest vegetation, Ecobox Andino seeks to preserve as much as possible the native vegetation that nature gives us in this beautiful valley. The option of containers as a structure for accommodation places seemed to be the most appropriate. The location of these by means of cranes made it possible to reduce the deterioration of the place and save time and energy in the main structure of each ecobox. In order not to compress the ground, the ecoboxes are located at a height, as are the walkways that allow movement from the parking lot to the reception and to the Ecoboxes for passengers.

In a second stage we have created a new shelter, the Refugio de la Luna, consistent with our environmental concept, it was built with highly efficient thermal materials and we have incorporated sustainable technologies for the provision of hot water and central heating through a pellet boiler and high efficiency accumulators.

Likewise, in terms of energy, the lighting is entirely based on LED lights, with very low consumption, it is a way of contributing a grain of sand to the environmental conservation of Valle Las Trancas and the wonderful nature that surrounds Ecobox Andino.