Ecobox Andino , mountain lodges are inserted in a Ñirre tree forest. They have an innovative design that is kind to the native vegetation. The lodges were constructed from modified containers which are thermally insulated and have raised walk ways between them to lessen the wear on the native vegetation.

Taking care not to disturb even the smallest plants, Ecobox Andino seeks to conserve the native vegetation to the greatest extent possible. Containers seemed to be the best choice for the lodging accommodations. These were placed by cranes so that there would be a minimal energy output, to conserve time, and most importantly so that there would be the least deterioration of the environment. A small amount of soil compaction occurs since the containers as well as the walkways are elevated.

In addition to the walkways there are trails that lead to an area where you may build a fire safely with a minimum impact and there is a pool surrounded by a forest with a wooden deck, cascade, and illumination.

In a second stage we have created a new refuge, the Refugio de la Luna, consistent with our environmental concept, it was built with very thermally efficient materials and we have incorporated sustainable technologies for the provision of hot water and central heating through boiler to pellet and high efficiency accumulators.

Also in the energetic, the lighting is totally based on LED lights, with very low consumption, it is a way of contributing with a grain of sand to the environmental conservation of the Las Trancas Valley and the wonderful nature that surrounds Ecobox Andino.